Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello, Amsterdam!

The past 2 days have been excruciatingly long, but I made it to the Netherlands in one piece! I had the unique and wonderful experience of watching the sun set in Boston as we pulled away, and watching the sun rise in the Netherlands as we touched down.

After nearly breaking my back and probably pulling a muscle in my forearm (note to self: heavy things go in checked bag, not carry-on!), I took a look at the amazing Dutch countryside through the oversized windows of our bus. Spotted: cows roaming along grassy plains with no border between them and the road (cars beware?), extremely classy and artistic Calvin Klein ads, Dutch songs sharing radio airwaves with Cee-Lo, every plant in technicolor green, and far too many American fast food establishments.

We eventually made it to Well, which is charming and lovely, and full of charming and lovely people. As the staff kept us busy all day through my delusional sleep haze, I didn’t have the effort or energy to snap any inspired photographs. Even though it is now 2:30 PM back home, I am more than ready to go to sleep.

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