Monday, December 30, 2013

Snapshots from the Holiday

Hello everyone! I hope you had a lovely Christmas! I had such a great time with family and friends this holiday season. Here are a few snapshots from my Christmas:

I'm so excited for New Years! Do you guys have any plans? I'm resolving to get a more regular blogging schedule, so expect to see more of me around here! Enjoy the rest of your holiday season, everyone :).

Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Mail Ornament Exchange Link-Up!

When I saw that Kenzie of Chasing Happy and Amber of And Yes to Joy were hosting a DIY ornament exchange, I was so excited! What a fun way to meet new bloggers and get some holiday crafting done! It was a great experience, and I'm so happy I got to spread (and receive!) some holiday cheer.

Not to mention, I got to come for winter break to this fun little guy! The very sweet Amy of Club Narwhal noted that I liked animals with little santa hats on them, and totally ran with it :). How cute is he?! He looks great on my tree.

I was so happy to have been paired with Amy: she loves to bake, travel, write, and design. Soul sisters! I embraced the travel idea, and made her this Mod Podge globe ornament:

I also got the chance to meet Jenny of Growing Up Jacobson, and her super cute kids! She told us a great story about a nutcracker she loved as a child, so I decided to make her this nutcracker-based scrapbook paper ornament.

If you'd like to know how I made these little guys, tutorials are coming tomorrow! In the meantime, thanks again to Kenzie and Amber for hosting this fun exchange, and thanks to Amy and Jenny - it has been awesome participating in this with you!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Home for the Holidays

Hi, friends - sorry for the absence! I just came home from school for winter break and I've been decompressing after the semester and the final projects and papers. I absolutely love being home this time of year — as you may have gathered, I'm a big Christmas fan. I adore walking down Comm Ave, seeing the lights in Boston Common, watching the tree lighting at Faneuil Hall, and decorating my apartment, but there's nothing like being with your family this time of year!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for gingerbread baking, present wrapping, hot cocoa by the fire, mulled wine, and claymation Christmas movies! I missed out on some of the season last year because I was in Europe through half of December, so consider this my love letter to Christmas. I picked out the tree yesterday (though it has to compete with my sweet Saul tree, which just had to come home with me), there's a good old New England snow storm coming this weekend, and I'm ready to rock!

How are you all getting into the spirit? Hanging your stockings? Going sledding? Do tell!

Friday, December 6, 2013

November in Instagrams

So this is a bit late. Even when I pretty much have a handle on finals time, it still drains me! Especially when it bumps so much against the holidays. What cruel calendar god decided that was a good idea? So anyway, sorry for the radio silence is what I'm saying :).

Here's what I was up to last month:
1 // A delicious tofu scramble and sweet potato homefries breakfast! 2 // Pumpkin pie soda?! 3 // Some apartment decorations. 4// My friends trying their hand at deer hunter for a 21st birthday celebration. 5 // Gingerbread lobsters! 6 // My chalkboard seasonal greeting. 7 // A major award! (I saw A Christmas Story: the Musical with my family) 8 // The Faneuil Hall Christmas tree! It is a monster. 9 // Rosco just can't bear the weight of his big ol' head sometimes.