Friday, December 6, 2013

November in Instagrams

So this is a bit late. Even when I pretty much have a handle on finals time, it still drains me! Especially when it bumps so much against the holidays. What cruel calendar god decided that was a good idea? So anyway, sorry for the radio silence is what I'm saying :).

Here's what I was up to last month:
1 // A delicious tofu scramble and sweet potato homefries breakfast! 2 // Pumpkin pie soda?! 3 // Some apartment decorations. 4// My friends trying their hand at deer hunter for a 21st birthday celebration. 5 // Gingerbread lobsters! 6 // My chalkboard seasonal greeting. 7 // A major award! (I saw A Christmas Story: the Musical with my family) 8 // The Faneuil Hall Christmas tree! It is a monster. 9 // Rosco just can't bear the weight of his big ol' head sometimes.

1 comment :

  1. Love each of these precious glances at the holiday! Those cookies and that grinch chalkboard are just awesome :] Kudos to you, kudos.