Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's in her (industrial sized Swiss Army) bag?

I thought I'd give everyone a glimpse into the process of packing for my upcoming trip to Paris/Disneyland Paris.

Step 1 is to panic about how you will manage to appease the discerning French fashionistas while still fitting all of your belongings into a backpack. Oh, and you have to leave room for your purchases, too...

Step 2 is, rejoice! You're taking a bus and not RyanAir, so you can carry home all the bags you want. But still, better keep it to a backpack on the way there so you don't break your back/get mugged.

Step 3 is to try on a million different outfits and keep running back and forth to the full length mirror upstairs. What I wouldn't give to have one in the quad...

And step 4 is to lay it all out!

#1 - Outfit for the bus/Disneyland Paris. Red jeans from Amsterdam and a Mickey Mouse raglan. Comfy enough to sleep in for 7 hours on a bus? Well...is anything that comfy?
#2 - Ann Taylor blouse for my diva outfit change post-Disneyland.
#3 - Blazer. My best accessorizing friend/what will probably serve as my coat for most of the weekend.
#4 - Natural Soul boots. The greatest investment of this trip. I can walk for days in these suckers (and I have).
#5 - PJs. Kind of need these.
#6 - Dresses from AE, the Gap, and Italy, and fun necklaces. Grandma's elephant is a personal favorite, and it's probably the one piece of jewelry that I get complimented on the most.
#7 - Brita water bottle with built-in filter. If you are ever travelling for a long period of time, you owe it to yourself to invest in this. Suddenly, every bathroom has drinkable water. Like magic. (This is extra important because Europe only believes in water in a conceptual way. There is no such thing as free water, anywhere. I think everybody here is dehydrated all the time.)
#8 - Socks n' tights. Bonus fleece-lined leggings: they look like tights, but they're super warm.
#9 - Big purse (camera bag/day bag) and little purse (wallet storage/night bag)
#10 - Banana. (Did I mention the 7 hour bus ride?)
#11 - Makeup bag. I am going to the city of judgmental citizens, oui?
#12 - Flats for nighttime outings
#13 - Diesel Swiss Army backpack courtesy of my mother. This thing fits all of this stuff plus my big honking DSLR into one compartment. C'est magnifique!

Our bus leaves at midnight tomorrow, so wish me luck. Bon voyage!

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