Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentines Playlist!

Hey, guys! Boston is a snow globe right now, so my classes were cancelled (hooray!). I thought this would be a fun opportunity to share some of my favorite love songs with you, in honor of Valentines Day next weekend. Personally, I'm a big Valentines fan...for some, especially in the blogging world, it's a very controversial holiday, but I'm a total sap, so I live for it. Bring on the cheesy Hallmark over-the-top love! C and I go to see Casablanca every year at a great indie theater in Cambridge, and it's a really fun tradition.

Anyway, if you too are smitten with Valentines Day, this playlist is for you! If you aren't...I will note that when I put this playlist together, I had a harder time finding happy love songs than sad ones, so seek comfort in your fellow indie-music-playing love-haters. It's crazy how many melancholy lyric slip by me when you set them to acoustic guitars, hah! Enjoy, guys!

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