Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flat Stanley's Dublin Adventures

Hi, Collicott School Room 340! My name is Annie, and I'm Matty's big cousin. Right now, I'm spending a semester of my college in the Netherlands, and I get to travel to other countries every weekend. A couple of my friends and I just took a trip to Dublin, Ireland, and Matty sent me a Flat Matty to take along with me. Unfortunately, he got lost somewhere in the European postal system. But I took his pal Flat Stanley along with me to Dublin instead!

We flew out of the Netherlands at 5:00 AM on Thursday, which was much too early for me and Stanley. My friends were really excited to meet him! Here he is with Lexie:


He was pretty small, so he rode along in my wallet.


But he made sure to get a look out the window!


When we got to Dublin, he checked out the sights. Here he is in the city center:


We all took a trip down to Christ Church Cathedral, the oldest medieval cathedral in Dublin. It was founded all the way back in 1028 AD!


Then we went to the Dublinia Museum, which taught us all about how Vikings raided and inhabited parts of Dublin around 800-900 AD. Stanley got himself in some sticky situations there.


And we got shackled up in prison,


But thankfully, the warden let us out for dinner.

We ate at a delicious traditional Irish place called Bobo's. Stanley tried some of my veggie burger.


The next day, we saw the famous St. Stephen's Green, a park Queen Victoria had built back in the 1800s. It was pretty chilly and gray, but still very beautiful!


And we took a trip to Malahide Castle, north of Dublin. It's from the 12th century, and housed all kinds of history - including the ghost of a court jester! (We had Stanley keep an eye out, but sadly, we never saw him)


We loved the outside of the castle, and the beautiful gardens.


That night, we went to a pub that had a great view of the Dublin skyline!


Stanley was excited to pose in front of it, even though it was a little blurry.

I had so much fun that weekend, and it was great to have a little pal to take along with me! I'm sorry that Flat Matty got lost in the mess of European mail, but I hope that you all had fun seeing Stanley's adventures in the Emerald Isle. Have a great Christmas!

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