Friday, June 28, 2013

Currently Loving

Murder-Mystery Novels


I just finished Stephen King's Joyland after grumping around for a week about the fact it didn't come in ebook format (hello, yes, it's me, the rare Kindle-advocating English major in her natural habitat). It was a super fun, quick summer thriller that had some of the pop and fun I feel King's writing has lost over the last few years. I'm in the middle of A Good and Useful Hurt, which I stumbled upon on Amazon and scooped for only $5. I was brought in on the premise of a quirky love story set in a tattoo shop, but seem to have found myself in the midst of another gory murder-mystery, which is kind of exciting anyway.

Lobster Prints

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 7.27.27 PM

Is it weird for a vegetarian to be obsessed with lobster prints? Probably...almost definitely. But I live in Massachusetts, so I'm kind of  giving myself a pass here. For some reason, this is an expensive print to love, so I bought a tote with the intention of stenciling a big lobster on the front. Wish me luck?

Baked Donuts

I'm kind of always obsessed with baked donuts, this is just me encouraging you to buy a donut pan and become obsessed with them, too. It's just like baking muffins, only 200% more fun. The picture is of a Country Cleaver recipe that is confirmed delicious (my fellow office workers devoured them in roughly 45 minutes flat).

Pixie cuts

I've been waffling on chopping all of my hair off for like 2 years now. After obsessing over Carey Mulligan for years, pouring over the pixie cuts tag on Pinterest, and reading Unspeakable Visions' awesome series on pixie cuts, I think I might be ready to take the plunge?! I've never been a fancy hair salon person...I get my cuts done by family friends a lot, and my dye is from a box. I feel like I need to make my way down to Newbury Street and splurge a little on this style, though!

What have you been loving lately?


  1. If you want a pixie cut, go for it! I've had one for a year and a bit now and I love it. If you find a celebrity or model with a similar shape face to yours and a cut how you want it (or a few pictures) it'll help out the hairdresser a lot, and you (hopefully!) won't be disappointed by it not 'coming out right'. :)

  2. eeeeee I can't wait to see you with a pixie cut! so stoked!

  3. ah thanks so much, the support is much needed! :) I am excited, yours looks so great on you.