Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Checklist: A Really Fun Weekend

Don't you love when things just come together in such a perfect way to make a really great weekend? I feel like I bottled summer. I just started back up at my old summer job, and while I'm so happy to be back, I was a little stressed out! And the forecast said doom and gloom all weekend. Serious bummer. Craig & I decided to schedule an indoor glow in the dark mini golf date to combat the rain:

But it turned out to be a beautiful day! So after the game was over (I won by 1 point, but the scores were totally embarrassing overall) we went to new-to-us ice cream stand 2/5, Richardson's, where I got some incredible Green Tea Ice Cream:

Saturday arrived with a ton of sunshine, too! We packed up and headed to Walden Pond for the afternoon,

Got some much-needed sushi,

And got some surprise Lowell Spinners tickets from my parents!

And Sunday, we picked some strawberries!

(Forever 21 shirt and sunnies, Jessica Simpson shorts, Target purse, if you were curious!)

mmm, strawberry donuts. Craig styled this picture all by himself! What a professional assistant ;).

Anddd this came out sounding like a big brag. But sometimes we have to share a really awesome weekend, and I did check off a few of my checklist goals! Did you have a fun weekend? :)


  1. Sounds like a great live near my Aunt! I spent last week with her up in Salem. x


  2. You guys are the CUTEST!!!! i love hearing about how you spend your time when you aren't sitting on my bed watching say yes to the dress (which, it so happens, I logged several hours solo this weekend...fair trade?). And I'm glad to see Craig is rising to fill my shoes as fashion photographer ;]

  3. This sure does look like a fun weekend! Love your outfit too, the strawberry picking looks especially awesome, hope you had some strawberries and cream! Loved reading this post :)