Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gift Guide 2013: A Very Geeky Christmas

Hey guys! You remember how I said I was super good at giving gifts? I figured I'd try to back that up this year with a fun holiday gift guide! It's not that the holidays sneak up on me ( all...hence the Christmas tree on my wall), but sometimes I wait just a bit too long to order people's presents online, and it cuts way too close to Christmas. I think the lateness of Thanksgiving is going to throw off my schedule even more. So even though it might seem like the Halloween decorations just went up, it's time to start thinking about those gifts!

Let's start with one of the most fun categories: the geek gifts. There are a ton of super awesome, quirky things to get the geek in your life - if you've never looked around the internet for a unique Star Trek gift, well, you would be amazed. I'm trying to keep these at a reasonable price point, so none of them exceed $40. Check it out!

1 // Game of Thrones House Pillows via ThinkGeek - These are so neat! And they look pretty cozy, which is important know...winter is coming. ha. hahaha.
2 // Chop Sabers via ThinkGeek - Lightsaber chopsticks?! These are the coolest! Craig and I get sushi take-out all the time, so I snagged him a pair. Good thing he doesn't read this blog ;).
3 // The Hobbit Moleskin Notebooks via ThinkGeek - This is a super classy geeky gift, maybe for a traveler or a writer? It also includes Toilken illustrations inside, which is super cool.

4 // Whooz? iPhone Identification Stickers via the Grommet - This is for a techy family. Each person gets a cute little sticker to identify their iPhone earbuds and charger! Genius! And so adorable.
5 // Star Trek Pint Glasses via Amazon - These are for the beer-loving geek. I love the comic-strip art style on them!
6 // William Shakespeare's Star Wars via Amazon - This is a fun little stocking stuffer - it's a hilarious adaptation of Star Wars in the style of Shakespeare. Perfect for the literary geek in your life.

7 // Mulder and Scully Friendship Rings via Etsy - These are just the cutest things! The other side of the ring has a UFO embossed into it. They're wonderfully subtle. I think these would be adorable for couples or best friends.
8 // Doctor Who Print via Etsy - This is one of my favorite quotes from Doctor Who! I love dictionary prints, as well, and this one is nice and clean. A lovely gift for your favorite space/time explorer/typography enthusiast.
9 // Marvel Bowtie via Etsy - This is a fun and dapper way to spice up a button-down shirt! A good way to help someone feel a little super.

These are a good starting point, but I encourage you to go out and look around to find the perfect gift for your beloved geek! ThinkGeek and Etsy are great places to start - just type in what they like best into the search bar, and be amazed at how much stuff there is out there! If you prefer to go DIY, check out this adorable Lego Star Wars Death Star Ornament that's a mouthful!

Do you have any geeks you're finding great gifts for this year? Let me in on your secrets! I won't tell.


  1. Those bar glasses are super cool!I can think of tons of people who would want those!

  2. Yes! My hubs is the ultimate geek so these would be right up his alley. I know he would love the William Shakespeare's Star Wars to death, ha! And I am utterly taken with those Mulder Scully rings....too perfect for words!

  3. those iphone stickers kill me! so creative!

  4. This is great! I am so bad at thinking of gifts. Might use some of these!

  5. LOL Those Whooz stickers for phone chargers are great! My husband is a computer person and we have a teenage son so this would be perfect for all the random chargers and wires in our house. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

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