Monday, January 6, 2014

Blogging and Life in 2013

Hey, guys! Can you believe it's 2014 already?! My fingers can't even figure out how to type that. I hope your New Year's Eve was absolutely fabulous — I know I had a lot of fun! :)

So, full disclosure, I sat down to write this a few days ago and realized that deleting my old Wordpress site was a big, big mistake. I ended up with broken images for every post pre-Blogger move, and I haven't quite completed that bit of housekeeping. It's such a pain! But it's what I get for not thinking harder about that sort of, most of my travel posts and some other things from early 2013 and all of 2012 will be out of commission for a while while I sort all of that out. What a way to start the year, eh?

But I'm here writing this with a sleeping dog on my knee, and I have to say, it was a pretty great year overall. I got to work at a Halloween store, I got a fiction piece accepted for publication at my school, I went on tons of summer adventures, I moved into my first apartment, I turned 21, I crossed the halfway mark of college (this is both good and bad, y'all, I'm not going to lie to you), and I took in so much great art, tons of tasty food, and even a few fantastic plays with lots of the people I love. There were bittersweet moments, especially my experience at the Boston Marathon bombings, but I think those have just made me love and appreciate life even more than I did before.

I also gained lots of new readers to this little blog! My most-read posts, and the ones that brought a lot of you guys my way, were my DIY Vanity and my Boston Marathon reflection. I'm also linking to a few of my favorite outfit posts, DIYs, and recipes you may have missed.


  1. Happy new year, Annie! I hope 2014 brings you joy!

  2. Hey girl, these were all so cute!!! I can't wait to redouble our efforts with this silly blogging thing. And I know, I'm regretting my blogger move and I'm heading to self-hosted Wordpress...I'm sure you'll hear my giant rants on the subject the second we're back to school. Also...why do we not have buttons up on each other's sites!?!?! We should do that thing.

  3. Hey lovely <3 I've nominated you for a Liebster Award. You can read the post here:

    Can't wait to read your 2014 posts ^_^