Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Boston Campus Style: Think Pink

First off, guys, I've had the best day! It was 72 degrees, I jogged on the Esplanade, strolled around the Public Gardens, read outside with my future roomie, and then went and got FREE Ben & Jerry's! I think I've spent like 5 hours outside today, and it's been perfect. And now I'm watching wedding shows, getting Boloco burritos, and blogging with my dearest Z (who also happened to take these pictures). Do days get any better?

These pictures are actually from last week (I had flip-flops on today!) but spring time was already beginning then. I love these pants: they really jazz up even the simplest outfit. I've never been much of a "pink" girl, but I think it can be really fun and spring-y when incorporated into your outfit in the right way. This is the first year I really dipped my toes into colored jeans since middle school, and I already have 3 pairs! I really think colored skinny jeans are moving from 'trendy' to 'staple.'

IMG_0991 IMG_0992 IMG_0993 IMG_0994 IMG_0995 IMG_0988


Chambray - Target
Tank - Cynthia Rowley
Jeans - Buffalo
Headband - ModCloth
Necklace - Betsey Johnson
Flats - Pac Sun
Purse - Target

um, we don't need to talk about the fact that the weather this week looks like this going forward:
Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 6.56.40 PM

New England, WHAT are you ever doing?!


  1. I love your blog! Take a look at mine and maybe something will spark your interest and you'll follow :)

  2. That really does sound like a fantastic day! Especially the free Ben & Jerry's. Nothing beats that. I've never really been a pink person either, but I love these pants on you! They look great with the chambray.

  3. I'm dying over that bag. DYING. You and me must go shopping sometime. Perhaps over the summer or next semester, but I don't have a natural fashion sense and need someone to guide me away from the bad stuff xD

  4. Girl you know I'm down to shop anytime! And I can bully you into buying cute dresses like I did in Dublin :D