Monday, April 29, 2013

Finals Time!

So now that life has returned to a modicum of normal, finals time is upon us...and I know a lot of you are college students like me. In this trying time, it's important to know how to crack down and how to stay sane. (If you aren't a college student, consider these tips to help you complete that big thing at work. You know the thing).

Here's what I've learned:

Download some Self Control

None of my essays would ever be done ever without this thing. Since I don't have any Self Control, I use this app for my Mac instead. Make a list of sites that distract you (Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin) and block them for a set time (like, the amount of time it would take you to write a 10-page paper, for instance). I do mine in 2-hour chunks and come up for air in between. Beware: when you block something, it's blocked no matter what you do, be it closing the app or restarting your don't get overzealous with your timer.

Take a Walk


Seriously, go outside. I mean it. Finals time always falls during the nicest week of the year (it's just science) and you won't get anything done if you're looking longingly out the window all afternoon. Get a few pages written, then go outside. Go do a lap in your nearest green area. The fresh air will do you good, and you really need to take a break from straining your eyes at a computer screen all day!

Treat Yourself

I used this picture of Boloco because this is how I happen to treat myself, but alter according to your tastes. Set a goal for yourself: "I will finish this paper by 8 PM. If I do, I'm treating myself a burrito bowl and a smoothie for dinner." Boom! Motivation. And smoothies! mmm...smoothies.


Written? Kitten! is a great site I like to pull out around this time of year. Every 100 words of your essay you type into their word processor, you get a new cute kitten! It's like the technological version of putting gummy bears strategically on your textbook to make yourself read it. No? Was that just me?

It'll All Be Over Soon

Your big, horrible project may feel like it's never going to end, but you have to remember that it will all be over soon! Finals aren't forever, and before you know it, the shadow of your impending paper/test/presentation that has been looming over your shoulder will shrink up and become a distant memory. Note: the easiest way to shrink the shadow is to start working on whatever it is that is torturing you. So hop to it! No one ever got anything done by procrastinating...

(This post has been brought to you by someone who has a 10 page final paper due on Thursday and a final as I say, not as I do. Good luck with all your work, and wish me luck on mine!)


  1. Good luck on finals! I really SHOULD get that self-control app while I study, but...I don't even have enough self control to do that. Haha You are much stronger than I am.

    Also, KITTENS!

  2. hi uh can we casually talk about how we both did a post on finals AT THE EXACT SAME TIME...LIKE, WITHOUT TALKING TO EACH OTHER? yah, girl, we have problems. anyway, super good advice (though I don't even have the self control to use self control...) and best of luck emerging from the week alive!